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Pearl Laboratory Supplies (PLS) has established itself as one of the leading Water treatment chemicals , minerals like calcium chloride , potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate , magnesium chloride , sodium bicarbonate etc/ Purification Company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and GCC. Our expertise ranging from:

A) Design, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial/Commercial Water treatment and recycling plants , bitaumen testing equipments , cement testing equipments , concrete testing equipments, soil testing equipments, plastic testing equipments,

B) Technical consultancy about Drinking Water Production & Testing of Water chemistry

C) Worldwide Trading of Water Minerals, Analytical laboratory Instruments, Apparatus like hot plat , incubator , furnace , water bath , oil bath , dry oven , Vacuum dry oven , frizzier , lab frizzier , autoclave , microscope, lab burners , chemical fume hoods, lab stand , Auto pipets , heating mantle , ph meter ....

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Our Services

Our business provides services such as:

Drinking Water Treatment Plants installation, Design, installation & Trading

Existing water treatment plants Maintenance and Consultancy

Technical Consultancy about Drinking water production

Training Consultancy about laboratory & Testing of water Chemistry

Our Products

Our experts optimize the throughput of routine projects, perform deeper investigative studies, and develop methods that adhere or set the standards for regulation.


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