SH Cold Trap Bath SH-WB-5GDR(-40℃) -40 Celsius Degree Cold Trap Bath

  • Digital temp controller type (convenient to check the teperature status)
  • 3 Glass Trap installation
  • Upside opended Glass Trap
  • Seamless structure bath to prevent leakage of anti-freeze
  • Easy internal observation with Transparent Cover

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Model SH-WB-5GDR
Order Number SH-WB-5GDR(-40)
Temp Controller Microprocessor Digital controller 
Temp Control Range  Ambient -60℃ ~ -20℃ (-108℉  ~ -40℉ ) (Low limit -40℃) 
(Φ×H) 7.09Φx8.27''
Dimension External
(WxD×H) 18.18x22.04x27.95''
Weight 48 kg
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
Trap Openable Glass Trap x3ea 
Power  120V ,60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No.


  • Digital controller 
  • Openable 3 glass trap
  • Rust-free stainless coil
  • Openable glass trap