SH-IDO-3612FG Industrial drying and decarboxylation oven 3612liters (128 cu ft)

  • Industry best and second to none temperature distribution and uniformity thanks to wide air duct design and unique air curtain feature.
  • Powerful heaters twice as strong as other ovens.
  • Specially selected chemical resistant door sealing.
  • Perfect corrosion protection of control box against fumes and vapor.
  •  Interior panels are conveniently disassembled for cleaning. GMP maintenance requirement.
  •  Over temp protection.
  •  CSA certified.
  •  Terpene trap available

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Model SH-IDO-3612FG
 Air circulation type  Forced convection
Capacity  3612liters (80 cu ft)
Temperature range Ambient +10℃ to 180 ℃
Temperature stability +/-0.1℃
Temperature uniformity  +/-2.5% at set temperature
Controller Microprocess PID membrane touch digital controller
* Temp & time control or temp only control is subject to change
Air intake Top 100mm diameter
Air exhaust  Top 100mm diameter
 Shelves  Perforated, 6 shelves (max 96 shelves available)
Heater 23kW
 Internal dimension/material 2150x1120x1500mm/stainless steel
External dimension/material  2850x1335x2090mm/steel plate with powder coated
Weight 780kg
Power supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 3p, 58A
380V, 50/60Hz, 3p, 35A