SH-FU-3MG(Embedded) Muffle Furnace General 1100 Celsius (3L)

  • General muffle furnace with swing door
  • General laboratory use and ashing against aggressive samples
  • Special heating plates made of ceramic and stone power
  • Recommended ideal running temperature is below 900℃
  • Heating from 4 sides and excellent temperature uniformity (+/-2.5%)
  • Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of chamber, i.e plastic polymer
  • Double housing and low surface temperature (29~30℃ at 800℃)
  • Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
  • Light weight
  • Prompt heat up and good maintaining
  • SSR operation and PID control provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
  • Gas atmosphere available with optional flow meter


  • Chamber size 130x250x90mm
  • External size 370x510x570mm

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Model SH-FU-3MG(Embedded)
Max temperature 1100℃
Continuous running temperature 900℃
Chamber volume 3liters
Controller Digital PID controller
Sensor K type
Heater TBD
Heating element KANTAL A-1
Insulation Ceramic
Power supply 110V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 12A
220V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 6A
Net weight 34kg
Chamber size 130x250x90mm
External size 370x510x570mm