SH-FU-4.5MHV 1500°C Muffle Furnace with Vacuum (4.5L)

  • Suitable for running atmosphere temperature below 1350℃
  • Gas input after reaching vacuum condition in the rectangular inner chamber (Optimized for anoxic atmosphere)
  • Consisted of individual 4 port for vacuum, vacuum release, gas in and gas out
  • Mass gas Flow Controller (MFC) system installation (option)
  • Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) system installation (option)
  • Offering Full Package consist of Vacuum Pump, MFC, BPR, Digital Vacuummeter (option)

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Model SH-FU-4.5MHV
Max Temp 1500℃ (2732℉)
Temp Controller Programmable Controller(SP590)
 Sensor  R type
Heater Capa 3300 W
Capa 4.5 L
Dimension Internal 150x200x150mm
(W×D×H) 5.91x7.87x5.91''
Dimension External 630x590x830mm
(W×D×H) 24.80x23.23x32.68''
Material External Steel Plate with powder heating coated
Heater Element SIC
Insulation Ceramic Board & Wool (Ceramic fiber)
Electrical Requirements 14.4A
230V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ
 Cat. No.  FU4.5MHV230
Electrical Requirements  N/A
380V ,50/60Hz, 3Φ