SH-FU-50STG(300mm Length Hot Zone) 1200℃ tube furnace

  • General tube furnace with hinged door
  • Double housing and low surface temperature (29~30℃ at 800℃)
  • Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1000℃
  • Great durability thanks to Kanthal heating element
  • Suitable for gas exchange experiment
  • Light weight and prompt heat up thanks to ceramic insulation
  • Convenient design for sample loading
  • Built in programmable controller. 5 patterns and 9 segment/pattern. Total 45 segments
  • Built in over temp protector
  • SSR operation and built in programmable controller provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
  • Wide choice of applicable tube sizes and heating length. 50/80/100/120mm diameter and 300/600mm heating zone
  • Wide choice of tube materials. Quartz, ceramic, alumina and alloy



  • length. 50/80/100/120mm diameter and 300/600mm

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