SH-Vacuum Pump SH-V40

  • Tow-Shift adjustable gas ballast valve satis- fies different requirements of condensable vapor(such as water vapor) to be exhausted out of pump in different processes.
  • Dual protection of oil anti-sucking back ensures vacuum system from oil pollution when pump stops running and needs to be easily restarted.
  • Forced oil circulation system consisted of oil pump and constant pressure oil supply mechanism ensures stable running of the pump.
  • Less components are used, easy to maintain and repair.

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Model  SH-V40
Pumping Speed(50/60Hz) 312Umin
Ultimate total pressure gas 4x10" Pa 
ballast close ( 3.0x10" toe )
Ultimate total pressure gas 8x10' Pa 
ballast open ( 6x10-3 torn )
Power supply 220V,50/60Hz or 110V,50/60Hz
Power rating(kw) 0.75(1 Phase)
Inlet/Exhaust Flange KF 25
Oil capacity(L) 0.9-1.5
Ambient temperature(t) May-40
Noise level(dB) ,58
Weight(kg) 30
Recommended for Vacuum Drying Ovens (SH-VD0-125NG, SH-VD0-216NG, SH-VD0-125NS)