• Large sized oven for manufacturing facility
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy
  • Durable structure against continuous operation
  • Stainless Steel Internal Chamber with shelves
  • Internal air circulation cycle is adjustable with damper installed
  • Convenient moving cart for easy loading (Option)
  • Safety assurance with C.E conformity


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Model SH-IDO-2250FH
Air Circulation type Forced
Temp Range Ambient +10t to 300C (Ambient +18T to 572T)
Time Range 00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Counter Timer
Temp &Time controller Microprocess P I D Membrane Touch Digital controller
Heater Capa 23 KW
Dimension Internal  1600.930.1500mm
(W.D•H) 62.99x36.61 x59.06"
Dimension External  2300x1145x2090mm
(W.D.H) 90.55x45.07x82.28"
Weight 644 Kg
Capa 2232 L
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate With Powder Heating Coated
Shelves 3Pieces Supplied (A type shelve, Maximum 48Pieces)/ 6Pieces Supplied (B type shelve, Maximum 96Pieces)
Electrical Requirements  60.5 A
230V ,50/60Hz, 34)
Cat. No. ID02250FH230-3
Electrical Requirements  35 A
380V,50/60Hz, 34)
Cat. No. ID02250FH380-3
This version of the Industrial Drying Oven is suitable for bulk samples or large amounts of test pieces that need to operate on a temperature as high as 300°C. This unit can also be used for drying, curing or baking components, parts or final products. In addition to these, our Industrial Drying Oven is equipped with a powerful circulation fan, electronically safe circuits and efficient