• Adjustable angle between 1-15 degree;
  • Adjustable side arm clamps can accommodate up to 8 flasks, 500ml or smaller;
  • Load capacity of up to 4.5kg with overload protection;
  • Designed to simulate the back and forth motion of the human wrist;
  • Can be used in room temp between 5 to 40 ℃. 



Part Number Specifications
Side Arm Assembly OSA25 (Optional) 2x Clamps with 4 Position Side Arm Assemble
OSA26 (Optional) 2x Clamps with 6 Position Side Arm Assemble
OSA27 (Optional) 2x Clamps with 8 Position Side Arm Assemble
Model Part Number Specifications
Side Arm OSA28 (Optional) 2x Vessel Clamp Assembly
Model Part Number Specifications
Side Arm Rod OSA29 (Optional) 470mm / 18.50"
OSA30 (Optional) 350mm / 13.78"
OSA31 (Optional) 230mm / 9.05"


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Model OS-08
Speed Range Variable speed: 50~450rpm
Fit Flask / Cup / Tube 8 x 500 ml Flask (or bottle/or tube) with Diameter between 6 mm to 51 mm. 
Display LED
Timer 0~99h 59min
Max. Load 4.5 kg
Mixing Angle 1~15° Adjustable
Dimension External (WxDxH) 425x376x413mm / 16.73x14.80x16.26"
Power Supply 220V, 2A, 100W, 50Hz
Weight 51kg