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Model SH-WB-40CDR
Temp Range
Amvient -50℃ to Ambient(Low limit -30℃)
Temp Controller
Microprocessor membrane digital controller
 Time Accuracy Stability ±2.0℃
Cooling Capacity please see the 182 page
 Reservior Capa 40 L
Recirculating Pump (Max flow) 95 L / Min
Recirculating Pump (Max pressure) 14 psi
Dimension External 830x755x995mm
(W×D×H ) 32.67x29.72x39.17''
 Weight 140 Kg
Material Reservior Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated
 Electrical Requirements N/A
120v ,60Hz, 1Φ
Cat No. N/A
 Electrical Requirements 8.0 A
230v ,60Hz, 1Φ
Cat No. WB40CDR230-60
  • This equipment is a device that connects to all equipment requiring evaporator and other condensing to supply cooling water.
  • It has a powerful cooling power and circulating ability to achieve a perfect and fast condensing effect.
  • A reservior with easy structure for observation and cleaning has maximized the durability of the equipment and the user’s ease of use.