SH-AC-80M Vertical Autoclave (Steam Sterilizer)

  • Safety door opening mechanism assures user's safety as the door remains locked as long as there is excess residual pressure in the chamber
  • Automatic safety relief valve is installed for over pressure protection
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy
  • Stainless steel inner chamber with baskets
  • Arm Handle type door lock for convenient operation & plastic cover door cover for safety
  • Safety assurance with C.E conformity
Catalog No. Type Dimension(ΦxH) Qty Weight Material Applicable Model
AC60WB WIRE BASKET Φ330x268 2EA 1Kg Stainless steel SH-AC-60M
AC80WB WIRE BASKET Φ385x261 1.3Kg SH-AC-80M
AC100WB WIRE BASKET Φ423x260 1.5Kg SH-AC-100M

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Model SH-AC-80M
Temp Range Max 134℃  (273℉)
Using Press 0.22MPa 
Time Controller Microprocessor Digital PID Controller
Sterling Time 00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) selectable
Pressure Gauge Mechanical type 0 to 0.4 MPa
Sensor PT-100
Capa 80L
Dimension Internal Φ400x650(H)mm / Φ15.75"x25.59"
Dimension External (WxDxH) 600x730x1150mm / 23.62"x28.74"x45.27"
Net Weight 120Kg
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated
Heater 3KW
Electrical Requirements 25.0A
120V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ
Cat.No. AC80M120
Electrical Requirements 13.0A
230V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No. AC80M230
  • Vertical Autoclave (Steam sterilizer) has been used by various application where efficiency, ease-of-use and affordable budget are pursued. In this pandemic period, this large scale vertical autoclave lessen the labors and risks at customers’ sites. 
  • Vertical autoclaves (or steam sterilizer) have been widely used in biomedical research such as microbiology and mycology as well as medical and chemical sterilization. Typical loads include laboratory glassware, other equipment and waste, surgical instruments and medical waste and subject them to pressurized saturated steam at 121°C (250°F).