SH-HD-1900V Laminar Clean Bench (Laminar Flow Clean Bench)_Width 1900mm

  • Excellent laminar flow formation
  • Adjustable fan motor speed control (10 stages)
  • Detachable for upper workstation and lower base stand
  • Alarm function for filter replacement timing for convenient maintenance
  • Excellent mobility and work ability
  • Excellent space efficiency design
  • Automatic UV lamp off function against door opening 
  • Safety assurance with C.E conformity

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Model SH-HD-1900V
Type Laminar Vertical Down Flow
Dimension Internal 1891x613x690mm
(WxDxH) 74.45x24.13x27.17" 
Dimension External 1996x696x1820mm
(WxDxH)  74.80x30.71x74.80" 
Weight 230 kg
Control System Microprocessor LCD Digital Controller
Main Filter HEPA Filter 0.3㎛ 99.97% efficient filter 
Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated 
Working Table Stainless Steel
Illumination LED Lamp 20W, Length 1200mm
Illumination UV Lamp 32W x 1EA
[Automatic On/Off in door Opening/Closing]
Winding Velocity 0.2~2.3M/Sec, 10 step adjustable
Purity Below to Class 100
Door Type  Tempered 5T Glass by Weight Balance 
Electrical Requirements 120V, 230V, 50/60Hz, 1Φ
Cat. No. 120V, 50Hz HD1900V120-50 
Cat. No. 120V, 60Hz HD1900V120-60
Cat. No. 230V, 50Hz  HD1900V230-50 
Cat. No. 230V, 60Hz HD1900V230-60
  • Excellent laminar flow formation
  • Alarm function for filter replacement timing. 
  • Detachable for upper workstaion and lower base stand
  • Maximized workstation space
  • Easy and convenient replacement of consumables
  • Auxiliary utilities to support operation
  • Automatic UV lamp off when door opening
  • Emergency stop button for safety