• Digital microprocessor control
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigetator and Incubator
  • Adjustable speed provides gentle or vigorous mixing action
  • Adjustable angled head offers mixing angles from 95~180°
  • Timer features both time up and time down counting modes
  • Continue to run by last set speed and the remaining time when the power recovered
  • Audible and visual alarm: In timed mode, alarm will sound 5 times and then the time window shows “End”and flicker 5 times
  • when the time reaches zero, then alarm stops.


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Model TR-05U
Product Name High Profile Tube Rotator
Speed Range 5~80rpm
Speed Accuracy ±1rpm
Tilt Angle 95°~180° Six steps :
95°,112°, 129°, 146°, 163°, 180°
Timer Range 0~99h59min
Carousel Diameter 15x50ml Tube carousel Diameter: φ290mm
Carousel Capacity 50x9~11mm Tube (1.5/2ml)、 30x14~18mm Tube (15ml) 15x27~34mm Tube (50ml) 、
10x10~15ml、20x5~7ml Tube 64x18.5mm Drum Carousel、 64x14mm Drum Carousel
Display LED
 Ambient Temperature 5℃~40℃
Relative Humidity   ≤80%
 Power Supply AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
 Max. Power 8W
 Dimension External (W×D×H) 440x296x466mm / 17.32x11.65x18.35''
 Net Weight 8.1kg
 Protection Level IP21 


Name Part Number Capacity
Working Plate for Multi-Tubes TRA19 9x50ml / 9x15ml / 12x2ml
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'')
Working Plate for 2ml Tubes TRA20   48x2ml
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'') 
 Working Plate for 50ml Tubes TRA22   12x50ml
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'')
 Tube Holders for 50ml Tubes  TRA15  N/A
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'')
 Tube Holders for 15ml Tubes  TRA16  N/A
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'')
 Tube Holders for 2ml Tubes  TRA17  N/A
(Φ250mm / Φ9.84'')
Name Part Number Capacity
1.5/2.0ml rotator assembly TRA23 50x1.5ml/ 50x2ml
15ml rotator assembly TRA24 30x15ml
50ml rotator assembly TRA25 15x50ml
10/15ml + 5/7ml assembly TRA26 10x10ml/ 10x15ml + 20x5ml 20x7ml
Drum for 14mm TRA27 64x14ml
culture tubes Dia.14mm
Drum for 18.5mm TRA28 64x18.5ml
culture tubes Dia.18.5mm