• Variable speed to accommodate numerous applications
  • Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant construction for use in humid and CO 2 environments
  • Easy to add or remove rolls to fit different sized tubes or bottles
  • Stackable mechanism allows two units to be stacked for space savings
  • Remote control box makes it easy to operate the unit while it is in an incubator
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigetator and Incubator


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Model MR-01U MR-02U   MR-03U
Product Name Stackable Mini Roller  Standard Mini Roller  3D Mini Roller
Roller Bars MRA01x6 bars (Optional 11) MRA02x20, MRA03x20 MRA07x11bars MRA02x20, MRA03x20 
Roller Speed 0.5~80rpm
Operating Mode Way forward
Roller Dimensions(DxL) Φ28mmx259mm / 1.10x10.20''
Swing of Roller Bars N/A  18mm / 0.71''
Available Tubes or Bottles ≤Φ120 Max. Ø120mm bottles; tubes
Positions 3 standard 1500ml flaks, or tubes in any position when see fit
 Max.Load 6.5kg 
 Ambient  5℃~60℃
 Relative Humidity ≤95% 
 Display  LED
 Timer (Control Box)  0~999min or continuous
Dimension External (W×D×H)  378x360x72mm / 378x360x72'' 
 Power  10W
 Power Supply  220V, 60Hz
 Weight 6.5kg 
 Stacking  Optional N/A   Optional



Name Part Number Note
Roller MRA01 N/A
Name Part Number Note
3D Rocker Roller MRA07 N/A
Name Part Number Note
O Ring MRA02 1 Set 20PCS  23.5x3.6
Name Part Number Note
O Ring MRA03 1 Set 20PCS  13.2x2.7
Name Part Number Note
Bar for Stacking MRA04 1 Set 4PCS
Name Part Number Note
Control Box MRA05 1PCS