• Variable speed: 5~100rpm
  • Reciprocal rotation: 0°~360° turning angle for long and medium way motion
  • Vibration: 0°~ 5° turning angle, programmable in bursts of 0 to 5 seconds, for short wave motion
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigetator and Incubator
  • Continuous or timed operation with automatic switch-off
  • Continue to run by last set speed and the remaining time when the power recovered
  • Audible and visual alarm: In timed mode, alarm will sound 5 times and then the time window shows
  • “End”and flicker 5 times when the time reaches zero, then alarm stops

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Model NS-13U
Speed Range 5~100rpm
Speed Accuracy 1rpm
Turning Angle(reciprocal mode) 0~360°
Turning Angle(vibration mode) 0~5°
Tilt Angle
Timer (orbital/360° vertical or reciprocal mode) 0~250 sec
Timer (vibration mode) 0~5 sec
Time of cycles 0~250sec
Ambient 5°C~40°C
Platform Dimensions 307x267mm / 12.09x10.51''
 Display  LED
 Dimension External (L×W×H) 440x296x226mm / 17.32x11.65x8.90''
 Max. Load 1 kg
Power Supply   220V, 60Hz
 Weight  6.7 kg
Part Number Specifications
NSA01 WxD: 180x7mm / 7.09x0.28''
Part Number Specifications
NSA02 WxD: 298x258mm / 11.73x10.16''