• High level of waterproofing protection
  • Motorless driven mechanism for quiet and maintenance-free operation
  • Sleek low profile design
  • Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigetator and Incubator

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Model MS-01FU  
Speed 15~1500rpm  
Max.Capacity 500ml  
Max. Length of Stir Bar ≤30mm  
Platform Dimensions 110x110mm / 4.33x4.33  
Max.Load 2 kg  
IP rating(DIN EN 60529) IP45(EN60529)  
Ambient 5~40°C  
Relative Humidity ≤80°C  
Dimension External (W×D×H) 175x125x20.5mm / 6.89x4.92x0.81''  
Max. Power 6W  
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz  
Weight 0.3 kg  
Name Part Number Specifications
Stirrer Bar MSA05 Φ7x20mm / 0.28x0.79''