Mini Centrifuges

  • Elegant design and contemporary appearance
  • Switchable dual speeds: 6000~9200rpm
  • Multi rotors provided for different centrifuge tube
  • Three operation modes are selectable
  • Automatical locking mechanism for safe operation
  • Wide voltage range (100-240 VAC)
  • Color LED ring illuminates while unit is active

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Model MLX-200F
Rotating Speed 6000rpm 9200rpm
Rotor / G-force(RCF) 5ml 2414g 5677g
1.5ml 2012g 4731g
0.2ml 1509g 3549g
Operation Mode Touch control or continuous or timer (0~15minute)
LED Color Selection Green, Blue, Red or Off
Safety Feature Stop at Opening
Noise Level ≤60dB
Ambient 5℃~40℃
Relative Humidity ≤80%
 Dimension External (W×D×H)  187x240x139mm / 7.36x9.45x5.47''
Power Supply  220V, 60Hz 
Weight  1.8 kg
Name Part Number    
.2ml 8-Place PCR Strip Rotator MLXF-6    
Name Part Number    
8x1.5ml Roter MLXF-4    
Name Part Number Outer Dimensions of Tube   
4x5ml Roter MLXF-5 φ14.5mm~φ15.5mm / φ0.57~φ0.61''   
 4x5ml Roter  MLXF-8 φ16.3mm~φ16.7mm / φ0.64~0.66''