Digital Heating Mantle

  • Our mantle contains of Nichrome wire and ceramic fiber mat
  • High quality heating Mantle that can heat up to 450°C
  • Improved accuracy of temp controller by using digital PID controller with auto function

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Capacity Power/ Temp Limit 
SH-HMD-100R 100 ML  Power
SH-HMD-250R 250 ML 230(120V) 50/60Hz
SH-HMD-500R 500 ML  
SH-HMD-1000R 1 L  
SH-HMD-2000R 2 L Heating Element Temp
SH-HMD-3000R 3 L up to 450℃
SH-HMD-4000R 4 L  
SH-HMD-5000R 5 L  
SH-HMD-6000R 6 L  
SH-HMD-10000R 10 L  
Model Capacity Power/ Temp Limit 
SH-HMD-100B 100 ML  Power
SH-HMD-250B 250 ML 230(120V) 50/60Hz
SH-HMD-600B 600 ML  
SH-HMD-1000B 1 L  
SH-HMD-2000B 2 L Heating Element Temp
SH-HMD-3000B 3 L up to 450℃
SH-HMD-4000B 4 L  
SH-HMD-5000B 5 L  
SH-HMD-10000B 10 L